A New Edible Friend!

If you had to be put into a survival situation, knowing about wild edibles is a great way to increase your chances of survival.  The key is to know how different edible plants can be identified by location, size, color, etc.  This is plant is called Asiatic Dayflower.  By it s name, it is native from Asia and was introduced to many regions of the world including USA, Canada, and western Russia.  The plant has no close poisonous relatives and can be easily recognized by the two blue petals with the three yellow staminodes.  The plant is considered invasive in some areas of the USA and could greatly out compete some other plants in the ecosystem.  Begin to munch down on this plant since it has a somewhat string bean flavor to it much like the Common Blue Violet.  The plant is good from mid-spring to mid-fall before the leaves start to become wither and less appetizing.  Photos available at https://stevenanthony123456.smugmug.com/Flowers-and-Plants/

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Madness of Daylilies Part 2

The adventure of the Daylilies continue.  Photos available at https://stevenanthony123456.smugmug.com/Flowers-and-Plants/

IMG_1247 copyIMG_1248 copyIMG_1250 copyIMG_1252 copy

Madness of Daylilies!

Before these flowers started blooming last week of June, I promised myself I would be taking a lot of photos of these guys.  Enjoy them everyone!  Photos available at https://stevenanthony123456.smugmug.com/Flowers-and-Plants/

IMG_1190 copyIMG_1191 copyIMG_1192 copy

Photos of the Weekend

Mostly flower photos, but they make a nice mixture of color and detail to images.  These photos are available at https://stevenanthony123456.smugmug.com/


IMG_1025 copyIMG_1027 copyIMG_1032 copyIMG_1014 copyIMG_1006 copyIMG_9941 copyIMG_1017 copyIMG_9975 copyIMG_9595 copy

Photo Challenge: Week 5

Today is Father’s Day!  Your dad needs two photos.  Choose two of your favorite photos your dad would love and leave your comments in the comment section.  These photos are available at https://stevenanthony123456.smugmug.com/Flowers-and-Plants/  Have a good everyone!

IMG_9587 copyIMG_9588 copyIMG_9596 copyIMG_9804 copyIMG_9924 copyIMG_1011 copyIMG_9975 copyIMG_1006 copyIMG_1022 copyIMG_1032 copy

The Flower Empire Continues Growing

Want to impress your friend with a good garden?  Invest time and money into buying these good looking flowers. There is nothing better than impressing people with a decorative garden.  Photos are available at https://stevenanthony123456.smugmug.com/Flowers-and-Plants/  You can also purchase my first photo book for $6.98 in PDF format at http://www.blurb.com/b/7135384-here-comes-the-daffodils-series


IMG_1026 copyIMG_1027 copyIMG_1028 copyIMG_1030 copy

More Flowers! More Flowers!

Alright alright calm down.  Here are some more beautiful flowers photographed by you guessed it me.  Though I am not a botanist, I tend to the need to get photos of lovely flowers!  Photos are available for purchase at https://stevenanthony123456.smugmug.com/Flowers-and-Plants/  You can also get my first photo book at http://www.blurb.com/b/7135384-here-comes-the-daffodils-series

IMG_1022 copyIMG_1020 copyIMG_1015 copyIMG_1019 copy


The Contsruction of Pink Flowers!

It is so nice to go out on a beautiful day of last weekend to get some good shots of this pink flower.  No idea what it is to be honest haha.  More flowers to come!  These photos are available for purchase at https://stevenanthony123456.smugmug.com/Flowers-and-Plants/  You can also get my first photo book at http://www.blurb.com/b/7135384-here-comes-the-daffodils-series for $6.98 in PDF format.

IMG_1011 copyIMG_1012 copyIMG_1013 copyIMG_1014 copy

Rise Up Flowers!

The flowers rise up more as summer is nearing.  The beautiful Daylily has bloomed now to flag a sign that Summer is just around the corner.  Enjoy!  Photos are available for purchase at https://stevenanthony123456.smugmug.com/Flowers-and-Plants/


IMG_1006 copyIMG_1017 copyIMG_1018 copy

Welcome to the Garden

Enjoy your Saturday with a view of these lovely photos.  They are available for purchase at https://stevenanthony123456.smugmug.com/  You can purchase my first book as well in PDF format for only $6.98 at http://www.blurb.com/b/7135384-here-comes-the-daffodils-series


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