The Strike of Daylilies

Welcome to the world of more Daylilies.  More to come!  These flowers are growing crazy where I live.   I also have a black and white version below. Photos available at

IMG_1458 copyIMG_1459 copyIMG_1460 copy

Come Catch the Flowers

The flowers are here, the flowers are here, the flowers are here. Get your good own very good flowers.  I honestly have no idea what these flowers are, but they were amazing enough to get them on camera.   Photos available here at

IMG_1096 copyIMG_1097 copyIMG_1093 copyIMG_1094 copy

Photos of the Weekend

Mostly flower photos, but they make a nice mixture of color and detail to images.  These photos are available at


IMG_1025 copyIMG_1027 copyIMG_1032 copyIMG_1014 copyIMG_1006 copyIMG_9941 copyIMG_1017 copyIMG_9975 copyIMG_9595 copy

More Flowers! More Flowers!

Alright alright calm down.  Here are some more beautiful flowers photographed by you guessed it me.  Though I am not a botanist, I tend to the need to get photos of lovely flowers!  Photos are available for purchase at  You can also get my first photo book at

IMG_1022 copyIMG_1020 copyIMG_1015 copyIMG_1019 copy


The Contsruction of Pink Flowers!

It is so nice to go out on a beautiful day of last weekend to get some good shots of this pink flower.  No idea what it is to be honest haha.  More flowers to come!  These photos are available for purchase at  You can also get my first photo book at for $6.98 in PDF format.

IMG_1011 copyIMG_1012 copyIMG_1013 copyIMG_1014 copy

Photos of the Week!

Enjoy the photos of the week! They are available for purchase at

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The Birds Are Here The Birds Are Here!

The birds are coming, oh wait, they have arrived.  If you choose the best photos today, you will be getting birds coming over to your house to photograph.  That is right ladies and gentlemen, free birds to photograph and enjoy your favorite birds from robins to eagles!  These photos are available for purchase at  You can also purchase my first photo book for $6.98 in PDF format at

IMG_0270 copyIMG_0280 copyIMG_0288 copy

Flowers Flower and More Flowers!

I have no idea what this flower is, but I love looking at it.  I found this in the community garden by where I live.  There are tons of these guys around.  The beauty about this flower is the colorful white petals and the yellow center part where bees can land and suck the nectar from.  These photos are available for purchase at  You can also purchase my first photo book for $6.98 in PDF format at Enjoy!


IMG_0406 copyIMG_0411 copyIMG_0412 copy

Photo Challenge of the Week!

I love all of these photos but I still love the American Robin more because you can tell it is waiting for something.  The reader wonders why is he looking down on the ground?  Is he hungry? Is he just bored?  Did he find his food?  Which photo(s) do you think is the best for the week?  Leave your thoughts in the comment below.  You can purchase all of these photos at and purchase my first photo book in PDF form for $6.98 at  Have a good Memorial day everyone!

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Magazine Book Completed!

And the all in one Here Comes the Daffodils series is now available for only $7.98 at  You can check all the Daffodil photos that are part of the series all in one book!  I do not have it on Amazon yet, but it will be available soon once I figure out more how to use Blurb (still new to it.)


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