Here Comes the Daffodils Final Series

The daffodils have arrived at the garden.  Choose the best one and enjoy a good day everyone!  You can purchase these photos at

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Here Comes the Daffodils pt 3

The quest continues to adventure into this wonderful looking flower.  Poisonous to eat, but very delectable flower to have as a decoration to a garden.  These photos are available for purchase now at


IMG_9068 copyIMG_9069 copyIMG_9070 copy

Welcome Lesser Celandine 2

The bitter flavored Lesser Celandine is back!  This plant is poisonous and should not be consumed as this point.  They are available for purchase at

The Nectar Suckers Part 3!

Come oh great bees.  Leave your hives to collect nectar.  Make your queen proud and build new hives, for honey is delicious and magical!

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IMG_9161 copy

The Nectar Sucker Part 2!

Enjoy the new photos everyone! They are available at my site at  for purchase.  I am offering the promotion until Wednesday at 3 ETZ.  It is mentioned 2 posts away from this one.  Let me know if you need clarity.  Comments are always welcome.

IMG_9154 copy.jpg

IMG_9156 copy.jpgIMG_9157 copy.jpg

IMG_9159 copy

Common Mistakes Land Photographers Make

What to Take From If You Are a Beginner at Post-Production Photography

Thanks to Digital Photography School, probably the prime place to receive tips on photography, you can imagine as a photographer you will receive great ideas on what to do and what not to do to succeed in shooting photos.  On top of that, the link below provides tips on post-production for beginners.  One of the things beginners should know is there are a ton of photography editing software tools including famously Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.  However, they are more for professionals unless you are willing to be challenged.  One of the best editing tools for beginners in photography is Google’s Picasa since it is free and easy to navigate.  The most important thing to take after reading the article is to make sure you are satisfied with it.  Assuming that the photographer edited the photo well of anything that looks unattractive in it.

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