Here Comes the Daffodils Final Series

The daffodils have arrived at the garden.  Choose the best one and enjoy a good day everyone!  You can purchase these photos at

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Welcome Lesser Celandine 2

The bitter flavored Lesser Celandine is back!  This plant is poisonous and should not be consumed as this point.  They are available for purchase at

Great Spring Year

Spring is a new season to get some pretty cool stuff after a mighty bitter winter.  The winter packs ice and snow hiding all the flowers before some start to blooming in early spring and eventually into the summer.  All these photos and a couple of other new ones are available at my site at  Tomorrow s Mother’s Day if you live in America so make her happy by getting her a lovely photo for Mother’s Day!

IMG_9605 copy

IMG_9602 copy

IMG_9300 copy.jpg

Snacking on Nuts

The squirrel is hungry for nuts.  Do not forget to feed this guy!  This specie is the Eastern Gray Squirrel.  We also have Eastern Black squirrels as well where I live.  These photos are available on my website for purchase at

IMG_9504 copy.jpg

IMG_9509 copy

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