Photo Challenge: Week 8

Challenge accepted.  Choose your the best photos for this challenge and leave your comments in the comment section below! Photos available at

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I Sure Love Flowers!

Flowers are one of many living creature that makes Earth a beautiful planet.  Happy Sunday everyone!  Photos available at

IMG_1281 copyIMG_1282 copy

To Those That Are Observant

To those that are observant, this flower marks the perfection of beauty.   Photos available at

IMG_1462 copyIMG_1465 copy


Keep the Daylilies coming!  Photos available at

IMG_1421 copyIMG_1461 copy

Baked to Perfection!

The photos were baked and came out to perfection!.  Photos available at

IMG_1283 copyIMG_1285 copyIMG_1286 copyIMG_1284 copy

Entitled Flowers to Beauty

The standard for these flowers is beauty, entitled to live a great life in the outdoors whether in the woods or in a community garden.  With flowers come great color and texture to the feel of beauty.  Photos available at

IMG_1309 copyIMG_1311 copyIMG_1307 copy

Unopened Bud and Wilted Daylily (Sad Face)

Join the quest for knowledge in seeking excellent delicious flower buds of Daylilies.  Here in NY, we have Tawny Lilies also called Tiger Lilies.  There are also  species of Yellow Daylilies that are used mostly for gardening, but there are some that are used in traditional Chinese medicine and culinary.  Tawny Lilies are also considered invasive in some areas of the US, but make an excellent garden companion with other plants.  Photos available at

IMG_1425 copyIMG_1426 copyIMG_1427 copyIMG_1428 copy

The Ultimate Wood Sorrel!

Join the cult of having this delectable  treat of wild wood foods.  Wood Sorrels are known as Shamrocks, closely related to clovers.  Clovers tend to have more bitter flavoring while sorrels tend to be more sour.  Probably my favorite foraging food, it is a great food to mix with especially if you just want to eat something raw or cook it with onion or spicy flavored plants.  Photos available at copyIMG_1435 copyIMG_1439 copy

Sharp Talent Flowers!

Excellent mate!  Good flowers for gardening whatever they are haha.  Enjoy these photos available at

IMG_1305 copyIMG_1306 copyIMG_1308 copy

Stinging Nettles!

Beware of these delicious looking nettles.  They are not poisonous, but will give you a sting that can a few minutes.  Also known as Stinging Nettles, they are easily recognizable for their stinging hairs found at the stem.  Eaten raw, it can be unappetizing.  When cooked with vegetables whether oniony or lemony, it can be an excellent choice of nutritional balance for your body.  This plant can also be used to make a healthful tea. Nettles are available from early spring until late fall when they start dying off due to oncoming low temperatures.   Photos available at

IMG_0038 copyIMG_0040 copy

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