Photos of the Weekend

Here is the black and white series of these lovely Bearded Iris.  They are in different black and white styles.  They are now available at  You can also purchase my first photo book for $6.98 in PDF format at

IMG_0431 copyIMG_0430 copyIMG_0431 copy

Daylily: From Garden to Delectable Treat

The Daylily is quite a unique plant.  This one if I am not mistaken is the Tawny (Tiger) Daylily.  This plant is a common garden ornamental.  You can find these plants especially planted in local garden communities and in parks.  Some daylilles are actually used in Chinese dishes such as hot and sour soup and  mooshu pork.  You can find them (yellow ones) sold dried in Asian markets.  Daylilies are renowned for blooming only one day in a year before dying off hint the name “Daylily.”  You can also eat the rhizomes, tubers, and leaves of some Daylilies.  The tubers have a flavor of turnip with a little hint of nutty crunching.  The leaves and rhizomes have a mild onion/ string bean kind of flavor.  Be careful not to eat too much of the plant if this is your first time, as 1/50 people will have an upset stomach and vomiting eating the plant, according to forage expert “Wildman” Steve Brill.   Take anywhere from a couple to a few bites to see if anything happens.  Some people have reported suffering an irritated throat from eating Daylilies.  Slowly increase your eating portion of this plant if no bad health effects appears. You can use Daylilies in sandwiches, stews, or soups with more spicy onion vegetables such as Filed Garlic and Garlic Mustard.   Do not confuse Daylilies with Daffodils and Iris as they not only lack in onion odor, they lack in plant structure of Daylilies.  For instance, the plant base of Iris is green and not white like Daylily or Cattail ( another wild plant that I never had.)  It is also advised that you keep your cat away from consuming Daylily since your pet cat can get sick and die from it, unless getting medical attention immediately.   As always, please make sure that you consult a forager and do some deep research before eating a wild plant.  It can be extremely dangerous unless you know exactly what you are doing.  These photos are available on my site at  Look for them in the flower and plant section!  Do not forget to purchase them!

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IMG_2596 copy

Amazing What is in the Maze of Skyscrapers

IMG_1575 copy

One of the most rewarding things about being in NYC is being able to find the strangest people.  Despite not remembering what this guy was dressed up for specifically,  I can tell you that my sense just kicked in to just photograph that.  I was fortunate enough to get a decent shot of the guy in the white shirt looking up at something, the question being what is he exactly looking at may never be known.

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