Eight Legged Freaks!

Commonly called the ‘daddy long legs,” this is called the Harvestman, a group of creatures belonging to the Arachnid class.  Although they resemble much like a spider, they are actually not for two reasons.  They do not spin webs (they have no spinnerets) and they do not carry venom.  Though they cannot bite, they release a chemical secretion that is considered distasteful to a lot of predators.  Their second legs are the longest because they are actually antennas used to detect vibrations in the ground of oncoming predators.  Harvestmen are commonly found in the woods and sometimes appear in people’s home, but are not considered dangerous.  The actual spider that is considered correctly a ‘daddy long legs” spider is the long bodied cellar spider, known to vibrate its web violently to make it difficult for predators to detect.  They are known to also have a slim abdomen and long slender legs.  Photos available at https://stevenanthony123456.smugmug.com/Animals/

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Welcome Lesser Celandine 2

The bitter flavored Lesser Celandine is back!  This plant is poisonous and should not be consumed as this point.  They are available for purchase at https://stevenanthony123456.smugmug.com/

The Jumpy Spider

One of the most interesting spiders in the world is the jumping spider.  With over 5000 species described, these spiders are known to have a small body size with jumping skills used for moving to surfaces and pouncing on prey.  Unlike most spiders that have terrible vision, these spiders have excellent vision and are commonly seen in gardens, homes, and woods.  All jumping spiders have four pairs of eyes.

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Photo of the Week

I love the fact that you can get a good shot of a beautiful flower such as a common blue violet shown here below.  It has a very clean texture upon the violet surface.  One key thing if you are going to get a close up shot, but are shooting from a far distance is to crop.  However, you want to make sure that the subject is clear to see, other wise it is going to come out terrible.  To put it lightly, if an image sucks from the start, post-production will not make it better.  If there is too much blur in an image, eliminate it move to a better looking one if you took multiple shots.  The only exception I find blur to be excellent in is when you move the camera quickly as you shoot neon lights at night.  This would be good because you would end up with streaks of lights, plus well lit areas like NYC’s Time Square offers a lot of light that will not make your image too dark.  If anyone has any suggestions on when blur is good t use let me know in the comment section.  As usual, do not forget to follow and check my website at https://stevenanthony123456.smugmug.com/ to see what photos I am selling!

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Time For a Midnight Snack of Crane Fly


This spider is hungry for a delicious crane fly.  It holds its prey down to inject the venom and begin sucking the juices out of the victim.

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