Pink Passion!

Photos available at

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B&W Harvestman

Let the observation of this magnificent creature begin.!  Drum roll please! Dun dun dun! Photos available at

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Stinging Nettles!

Beware of these delicious looking nettles.  They are not poisonous, but will give you a sting that can a few minutes.  Also known as Stinging Nettles, they are easily recognizable for their stinging hairs found at the stem.  Eaten raw, it can be unappetizing.  When cooked with vegetables whether oniony or lemony, it can be an excellent choice of nutritional balance for your body.  This plant can also be used to make a healthful tea. Nettles are available from early spring until late fall when they start dying off due to oncoming low temperatures.   Photos available at

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Photos of the Weekend

Enjoy the observation of looking at these photos of the weekend!  They are available at

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Flower Addict

Addiction to flower gardening is the key to a successful garden.  Photos available at

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The Flower Empire Continues Growing

Want to impress your friend with a good garden?  Invest time and money into buying these good looking flowers. There is nothing better than impressing people with a decorative garden.  Photos are available at  You can also purchase my first photo book for $6.98 in PDF format at


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Rise Up Flowers!

The flowers rise up more as summer is nearing.  The beautiful Daylily has bloomed now to flag a sign that Summer is just around the corner.  Enjoy!  Photos are available for purchase at


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Edible Garlic Mustard

Well well well, if it isn’t the lovely spicy Garlic Mustard plant considered an invasive weed.  There are plenty of these plants in the community garden and woods by me!  They are a delicious plant to eat if you are interested in foraging.  These photos are now available at  You can also purchase my first photo book at  Enjoy your day!


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Early Spring Arrival

The smell of fresh spring flowers appear, and yet summer is just around the corner.  These photos are available for purchase at  Enjoy!


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Welcome to the Garden

Enjoy your Saturday with a view of these lovely photos.  They are available for purchase at  You can purchase my first book as well in PDF format for only $6.98 at


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