Keep the Daylilies coming!  Photos available at

IMG_1421 copyIMG_1461 copy

Entitled Flowers to Beauty

The standard for these flowers is beauty, entitled to live a great life in the outdoors whether in the woods or in a community garden.  With flowers come great color and texture to the feel of beauty.  Photos available at

IMG_1309 copyIMG_1311 copyIMG_1307 copy

Sharp Talent Flowers!

Excellent mate!  Good flowers for gardening whatever they are haha.  Enjoy these photos available at

IMG_1305 copyIMG_1306 copyIMG_1308 copy

Week 7 Photo Challange

I think I have flowercitis, an addiction to flowers where Steven pulls out his camera and loves to take photos of flowers.  Patience is a virtue in terms of finding good flowers in areas that have a diverse amount.   Photos available at

IMG_1093 copyIMG_1096 copyIMG_1179 copyIMG_1186 copyIMG_1183 copyIMG_1174 copyIMG_9726 copy

Flower Time!

For the first time, I did not put black and white in a post!  These photos were taken a couple of months back in the spring of 2016.  Enjoy!    If anyone can identify these flowers great!  Photos available at

IMG_9725 copyIMG_9726 copyIMG_9727 copy

A Collection of Flowers Pt. 1

We can now flashback in time where Steven Anthony has taken these lovely flower photos.  You will now be brought back in the time of looking at a diversity of flowers from the neighborhood.  Open your eyes and observe the flowers that you seek to admire.  Enjoy them!  You can purchase my photos at


IMG_8000IMG_8060-EditIMG_8164-copyIMG_8687 copyIMG_8818 copyIMG_9180 copyIMG_8678IMG_9549 copyIMG_9665 copyIMG_9252 copyIMG_2596 copyIMG_2602 copyIMG_9017 copyIMG_9058 copyIMG_9082 copyIMG_0425 copyIMG_0404 copyIMG_0406 copyIMG_0445 copyIMG_0440 copy

Caught and Photographed!

Good morning everyone, hope everybody is having a good Friday!  Red alert, I caught these guys red handed on camera and have them to show the world what they look like.  Aside from the black and white editing, I like mostly the original yellow since they add scenery to what they actually look like.  Photos available at


IMG_1176 copyIMG_1178 copyIMG_1179 copy

Come Catch the Flowers

The flowers are here, the flowers are here, the flowers are here. Get your good own very good flowers.  I honestly have no idea what these flowers are, but they were amazing enough to get them on camera.   Photos available here at

IMG_1096 copyIMG_1097 copyIMG_1093 copyIMG_1094 copy

Welcome Shasta Daisies

A good flower to always use for gardening is Shasta Daisy.  Why?  because of course they provide excellent design to  gardens that can be added with other flowers like Daylilies and Bearded Iris.  Photos available at

IMG_1186 copyIMG_1185 copyIMG_1183 copyIMG_1181 copy

Photos of the Weekend

Delicious looking photos from last week.   Lots of flowers that add beautiful depths of colors to them.   They are available at

IMG_1043 copyIMG_1056 copyIMG_1052 copyIMG_1068 copyIMG_1070 copyIMG_1087 copyIMG_1058 copyIMG_1089 copyIMG_1108 copyIMG_1192 copyIMG_9839 copy

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