The Ultimate Wood Sorrel!

Join the cult of having this delectable  treat of wild wood foods.  Wood Sorrels are known as Shamrocks, closely related to clovers.  Clovers tend to have more bitter flavoring while sorrels tend to be more sour.  Probably my favorite foraging food, it is a great food to mix with especially if you just want to eat something raw or cook it with onion or spicy flavored plants.  Photos available at copyIMG_1435 copyIMG_1439 copy

Power of Pink Flowers!

Who says pink cannot go good with a flower like this?  Photos available at

IMG_1049 copyIMG_1050 copyIMG_1051 copyIMG_1052 copy

The Contsruction of Pink Flowers!

It is so nice to go out on a beautiful day of last weekend to get some good shots of this pink flower.  No idea what it is to be honest haha.  More flowers to come!  These photos are available for purchase at  You can also get my first photo book at for $6.98 in PDF format.

IMG_1011 copyIMG_1012 copyIMG_1013 copyIMG_1014 copy

And He Returns Again!

Here he is again!  Photos now available at  You can purchase my first photo book at

IMG_9588 copyIMG_9589 copyIMG_9595 copyIMG_9596 copy

The Astonishing

Come and get them everybody! Choose and pick off these wonderful looking flowers to bring your spirits to nature!  Photos are now available at  You can also purchase my first photo book at for $6.98 in PDF format.  Enjoy!

IMG_9441 copy


IMG_9443 copy


IMG_9717 copy


IMG_9718 copy

More Leaves!

More leaves!  That is right.  Come get your very own leaf collection.  Beauty maple leaves.  The first is quite mesmerizing with the shadow of the dragonfly being shown.  Get these photos now at  You can also get my first photo book for $6.98 in PDF format at  Enjoy!

IMG_0861 copyIMG_0841 copyIMG_0854 copy

The Butterfly has Arrived!

Butterflies are truly remarkable and well known for their camouflage.  I have no idea what this specie is, but I just could not resist photographing him.  Enjoy!  These photos are available for purchase at  You can also purchase my first photo book at in PDF format for $6.98.


IMG_0964 copyIMG_0720 copyIMG_0719 copy

Alvin is Here For the Last Time Now!

My dear friend loves his photos taken.  He had to go so he said one more round.  Enjoy.  Photos are available now at  You can also purchase my first photo book at


IMG_0149 copyIMG_0152 copyIMG_0155 copyIMG_0160 copy

Magazine Book Completed!

And the all in one Here Comes the Daffodils series is now available for only $7.98 at  You can check all the Daffodil photos that are part of the series all in one book!  I do not have it on Amazon yet, but it will be available soon once I figure out more how to use Blurb (still new to it.)


Here Comes the Daffodils Final Series

The daffodils have arrived at the garden.  Choose the best one and enjoy a good day everyone!  You can purchase these photos at

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