Back From the Vault

Let the flowers be slapped on the wall and observed for beauty of flowers that exist on planet earth.  Photos available at

IMG_1288 copyIMG_1295 copyIMG_1436 copy

Entitled Flowers to Beauty

The standard for these flowers is beauty, entitled to live a great life in the outdoors whether in the woods or in a community garden.  With flowers come great color and texture to the feel of beauty.  Photos available at

IMG_1309 copyIMG_1311 copyIMG_1307 copy

The Ultimate Wood Sorrel!

Join the cult of having this delectable  treat of wild wood foods.  Wood Sorrels are known as Shamrocks, closely related to clovers.  Clovers tend to have more bitter flavoring while sorrels tend to be more sour.  Probably my favorite foraging food, it is a great food to mix with especially if you just want to eat something raw or cook it with onion or spicy flavored plants.  Photos available at copyIMG_1435 copyIMG_1439 copy

Sharp Talent Flowers!

Excellent mate!  Good flowers for gardening whatever they are haha.  Enjoy these photos available at

IMG_1305 copyIMG_1306 copyIMG_1308 copy

The Strike of Daylilies

Welcome to the world of more Daylilies.  More to come!  These flowers are growing crazy where I live.   I also have a black and white version below. Photos available at

IMG_1458 copyIMG_1459 copyIMG_1460 copy

Photos of the Weekend

Enjoy the observation of looking at these photos of the weekend!  They are available at

IMG_1186 copyIMG_1097 copyIMG_9727 copyIMG_1093 copyIMG_1181 copy

The Rise of Summer

I have no idea what the yellow flower is, but below it is the delicious Burdock plant, which is a delicacy in Japan that require meats in soup, pork for example.  Photos available at

IMG_1175 copyIMG_1174 copyIMG_0024 copyIMG_0023 copy

Catch The Pink Flower If You Can

The bridges are made to the gate of the garden.  Grab that pink flower to smell it!  Photos available at

IMG_1079 copyIMG_1080 copyIMG_1081 copy

Come in Flowers!

Good ole flower photos!  Photos are available for purchase at


IMG_1024 copyIMG_1025 copyIMG_1023 copy

More Flowers! More Flowers!

Alright alright calm down.  Here are some more beautiful flowers photographed by you guessed it me.  Though I am not a botanist, I tend to the need to get photos of lovely flowers!  Photos are available for purchase at  You can also get my first photo book at

IMG_1022 copyIMG_1020 copyIMG_1015 copyIMG_1019 copy


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