Photos of the Weekend

Enjoy the observation of looking at these photos of the weekend!  They are available at

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Photo Challenge Week 4!

Nature is put together like LEGO blocks.  By taking good photographs of nature, people can be more conscious about the environment.  Choose the best weapon photograph to show the world what you are made of.  Leave them in the fomment section below.  You can also purchase these flowers at  You can also purchase my first photo book at for $6.98 in PDF format.  Enjoy!

IMG_0152 copyIMG_0424 copyIMG_0431 copyIMG_0402 copyIMG_0404 copyIMG_0398 copyIMG_0255 copyIMG_0406 copyIMG_0163 copyIMG_0434 copyIMG_0445 copyIMG_0964 copyIMG_0802 copy

The Butterfly has Arrived!

Butterflies are truly remarkable and well known for their camouflage.  I have no idea what this specie is, but I just could not resist photographing him.  Enjoy!  These photos are available for purchase at  You can also purchase my first photo book at in PDF format for $6.98.


IMG_0964 copyIMG_0720 copyIMG_0719 copy

Magazine Book Completed!

And the all in one Here Comes the Daffodils series is now available for only $7.98 at  You can check all the Daffodil photos that are part of the series all in one book!  I do not have it on Amazon yet, but it will be available soon once I figure out more how to use Blurb (still new to it.)


Here Comes the Daffodils pt 4!

Welcome back daffodils!  Available for purchase at


IMG_9082 copyIMG_9087 copyIMG_9088 copy

Photo of the Week

I love the fact that this photo has very good texture.  The bee standing still on the purple flower gives it a nice story to tell.  Th wings of the bee are nice intact with a crisp visualization of the bee standing perfectly still.  There is a bit of honey sap on the leg of the bee.  This photo is available for purchase at


IMG_9172 copy

Photos of the Month

Enjoy these photos for the month of May! They are available for sale at Come on and buy them!

IMG_9509 copy

IMG_9602 copy

IMG_7792 copy

IMG_2602 copy

The Nectar Suckers Part 3!

Come oh great bees.  Leave your hives to collect nectar.  Make your queen proud and build new hives, for honey is delicious and magical!

IMG_9160 copy.jpg

IMG_9161 copy

The Nectar Sucker Part 2!

Enjoy the new photos everyone! They are available at my site at  for purchase.  I am offering the promotion until Wednesday at 3 ETZ.  It is mentioned 2 posts away from this one.  Let me know if you need clarity.  Comments are always welcome.

IMG_9154 copy.jpg

IMG_9156 copy.jpgIMG_9157 copy.jpg

IMG_9159 copy

Nectar Sucker Has Arrived

The bee has arrived to collect nectar.  If anyone purchases any of these photos from my site, I will throw in a special edited version of any of the photos that I have published on WordPress thus far.  Let me know if you are interested!  All these photos are available for purchase at my site at this section Enjoy!

IMG_7792 copy.jpg

IMG_7794 copy

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