Catch The Pink Flower If You Can

The bridges are made to the gate of the garden.  Grab that pink flower to smell it!  Photos available at

IMG_1079 copyIMG_1080 copyIMG_1081 copy

Enjoy the Leaves!

The leaves have arrived.  They are now available for purchase at  You can also purchase my first photo book at in PDF format for $6.98  Enjoy!

IMG_0939 copyIMG_0940 copyIMG_0943 copy

Photos of the Weekend

Here is the black and white series of these lovely Bearded Iris.  They are in different black and white styles.  They are now available at  You can also purchase my first photo book for $6.98 in PDF format at

IMG_0431 copyIMG_0430 copyIMG_0431 copy

Photography Contest Notification

Hello everybody,  I hope everyone is having a good day.  If anyone is interested in a photography contest, I have information available.  You have until May 30 to enter in your photos.  The photos can be black and white and/or color.  You can enter as many photos as you would like, but the more photos you enter the more it will cost you.  It is $5.95 per entry and the subject matter is open.  Just make sure you read about the image specifications.  To find out more about the contest and sign up, here is the link  If anyone needs help changing the pixels of the image (s) they would like to enter into the contest, shoot me an email of the photos and I will gladly help.  Good luck if anyone else is going to enter the contest!

Week 2 Photo Challenge

Choose your maker.  Leave you opinions in the comment section as to what you think is the best photo of the week and why.  Thanks everyone.  All of these photos are also available for purchase at  Enjoy!


IMG_9233 copyIMG_9044 copyIMG_904 copyIMG_9067 copyIMG_9164 copyIMG_9159 copy



Photo of the Week

I love the fact that this photo has very good texture.  The bee standing still on the purple flower gives it a nice story to tell.  Th wings of the bee are nice intact with a crisp visualization of the bee standing perfectly still.  There is a bit of honey sap on the leg of the bee.  This photo is available for purchase at


IMG_9172 copy

Nectar Suckers Part 4!

New photos uploaded of the final series of the “Nectar Suckers.”  I am thinking about creating a photo book series.  It will be the Nectar Sucker series.  I might also include several bee photographs that I have published here before.  I will even possibly throw in several editorial editions.  For now, enjoy these photographs!  You can find them at

IMG_9164 copy.jpg

IMG_9165 copy.jpg

IMG_9172 copy.jpg

IMG_9184 copy

IMG_9186 copy.jpg


Photo of the Weekend

A cloudy day is an excellent day to go out an get shots of clouds.  I know I am not the best photographer, but where are the best places to get good cloud shots other than on your own lawn??  Let me know below in the comment section!  Do not forget if you purchase all of the photos from the last post, I will offer a bonus edited photo from any of the photos that I have published in WordPress.  The choice is yours.

IMG_9300 copy

The Daylily Returns!

Welcome for anyone reading this blog post.  Enjoy more delicious looking Daylilies photographs.  They are available at my site for purchase at Enjoy fellow readers!

IMG_2598 copy.jpg

IMG_2602 copy

Crystal Water With Bird on Rock

Enjoy a flashback of these photos from last year near a park.  This bird literally held still for me, even when I got closer.  Too bad bird photography requires fast movement since you literally cannot tell a bird to hold still when shooting it.

IMG_7806 copy .jpg

IMG_7807 copy.jpg

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