The Jumpy Spider

One of the most interesting spiders in the world is the jumping spider.  With over 5000 species described, these spiders are known to have a small body size with jumping skills used for moving to surfaces and pouncing on prey.  Unlike most spiders that have terrible vision, these spiders have excellent vision and are commonly seen in gardens, homes, and woods.  All jumping spiders have four pairs of eyes.

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Photo of the Week

I love the fact that you can get away with a photo that has such beauty.  Of course this is the Daylily that I am sure all of my readers are familiar with that I mentioned in a previous blog post.  This photo has a near perfect crisp of the surface of the flower.  You can see how the lines run perfectly on the pedals with some unopened buds.  On the other side, you want the fence background to be blur because you want your viewer to focus on the subject.  The eye can see the fleshy deep orange of the flower that adds to the season of spring flowering .  It is very astounding to know that there is a community where I live that has these wonderful looking flowers.  Daylilies usually start flowering in June, so hopefully I will have more pics of them.  This photo is available for purchase at my other site at Enjoy everybody!

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Crystal Water With Bird on Rock

Enjoy a flashback of these photos from last year near a park.  This bird literally held still for me, even when I got closer.  Too bad bird photography requires fast movement since you literally cannot tell a bird to hold still when shooting it.

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Great Spring Year

Spring is a new season to get some pretty cool stuff after a mighty bitter winter.  The winter packs ice and snow hiding all the flowers before some start to blooming in early spring and eventually into the summer.  All these photos and a couple of other new ones are available at my site at  Tomorrow s Mother’s Day if you live in America so make her happy by getting her a lovely photo for Mother’s Day!

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Hey Everyone!

I am ready for anyone to buy my photos.  I am using a website called Smugmug, that happens to be an excellent website for people that want to sell photos.  I will provide the link below.  Thank you everyone who has followed me.

Fruity Cake, Fruity Delicious


  This photo was taken after my job interview.  Delicious cake with a fruity flavor straight from Grand Central Terminal.  Enjoy eating cake that will make your mouth crave for more!

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