Ah yes it is Simon, the genius who can stand still for my camera.  Photos are available for purchase at  You can also purchase my first photo book at for $6.98 in the PDF format.  Enjoy!


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Here Comes the Daffodils Final Series

The daffodils have arrived at the garden.  Choose the best one and enjoy a good day everyone!  You can purchase these photos at

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Daffodils in Black and White

These beautiful flowers got added with black and white.  They are now available at my site at  Enjoy!

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Do Not Crash! I am Deer! Part 1

Enjoy these good looking deer photos.   More to come!  Found not one, not two, four at the same time!  They are available at my site for purchase at

The Jumpy Spider

One of the most interesting spiders in the world is the jumping spider.  With over 5000 species described, these spiders are known to have a small body size with jumping skills used for moving to surfaces and pouncing on prey.  Unlike most spiders that have terrible vision, these spiders have excellent vision and are commonly seen in gardens, homes, and woods.  All jumping spiders have four pairs of eyes.

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Another Wild Edible

Ah yes another wild edible.  This time on the table is common blue violet.  This flower will grow during the spring and will last until fall.  There are violets that are also yellow.  Common blue violets are commonly found on lawns, parks, and sunny areas where there is some shade.  These flowers are absolutely good in salads and sandwiches, especially if you want to make good grilled cheese sandwich.  Do not forget to check these photos that are available for sale at

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Violet has the flavor of string bean

IMG_9665 copy.jpg

Delicious violet

Save Some Food For Me !


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Life is too short.  Enjoy the meal that is on the plate and live happily!

Enjoy Meals That Are Potentially Healthy

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The supreme foods has always been important.  Men and women have been eating food for over thousands of years.  Shrimp, vegetables, insects, you name them.  The first dish is with some fresh shrimp cooked up with some vegetables, including kale and onions.  The second dish shows some delicious eggs with garlic and some fresh ants .  What is the best thing about these dishes you may ask.  The ants maybe a turn off for the average person living in North America or Europe, but all these foods offer a balance intake of vital nutrients for the body.  Plus all of them were freaking good!

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