Pink Passion!

Photos available at

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The Strike of Daylilies

Welcome to the world of more Daylilies.  More to come!  These flowers are growing crazy where I live.   I also have a black and white version below. Photos available at

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Photos of the Weekend

Enjoy the observation of looking at these photos of the weekend!  They are available at

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Come Catch the Flowers

The flowers are here, the flowers are here, the flowers are here. Get your good own very good flowers.  I honestly have no idea what these flowers are, but they were amazing enough to get them on camera.   Photos available here at

IMG_1096 copyIMG_1097 copyIMG_1093 copyIMG_1094 copy

The Rise of Summer

I have no idea what the yellow flower is, but below it is the delicious Burdock plant, which is a delicacy in Japan that require meats in soup, pork for example.  Photos available at

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Photos of the Month!

A look back at these awesome photos for the month of June.  Thank you everyone for the support and hope you enjoy more photos that i will be constantly posting! Photos available at


IMG_0404 copyIMG_0406 copyIMG_0163 copyIMG_0809 copyIMG_0878 copyIMG_9575 copyIMG_1012 copyIMG_1031 copyIMG_1056 copyIMG_1067 copyIMG_1071 copyIMG_1017 copyIMG_1192 copy

Catch The Pink Flower If You Can

The bridges are made to the gate of the garden.  Grab that pink flower to smell it!  Photos available at

IMG_1079 copyIMG_1080 copyIMG_1081 copy

The Astonishing 2

Gone with the wind, gone with the flower! Photos available at

IMG_1031 copyIMG_1032 copyIMG_1033 copy

Come in Flowers!

Good ole flower photos!  Photos are available for purchase at


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More Flowers! More Flowers!

Alright alright calm down.  Here are some more beautiful flowers photographed by you guessed it me.  Though I am not a botanist, I tend to the need to get photos of lovely flowers!  Photos are available for purchase at  You can also get my first photo book at

IMG_1022 copyIMG_1020 copyIMG_1015 copyIMG_1019 copy


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