The Strike of Daylilies

Welcome to the world of more Daylilies.  More to come!  These flowers are growing crazy where I live.   I also have a black and white version below. Photos available at

IMG_1458 copyIMG_1459 copyIMG_1460 copy

Photos of the Month!

A look back at these awesome photos for the month of June.  Thank you everyone for the support and hope you enjoy more photos that i will be constantly posting! Photos available at


IMG_0404 copyIMG_0406 copyIMG_0163 copyIMG_0809 copyIMG_0878 copyIMG_9575 copyIMG_1012 copyIMG_1031 copyIMG_1056 copyIMG_1067 copyIMG_1071 copyIMG_1017 copyIMG_1192 copy

Photos of the Weekend

Delicious looking photos from last week.   Lots of flowers that add beautiful depths of colors to them.   They are available at

IMG_1043 copyIMG_1056 copyIMG_1052 copyIMG_1068 copyIMG_1070 copyIMG_1087 copyIMG_1058 copyIMG_1089 copyIMG_1108 copyIMG_1192 copyIMG_9839 copy

Photo Challenge: Week 6

Choose your favorite photos of the week.  Enjoy them!  Photos available at

IMG_9843 copyIMG_1250 copyIMG_1189 copyIMG_1191 copyIMG_1090 copyIMG_1079 copyIMG_1067 copyIMG_1056 copyIMG_1052 copy

Back to the Robin!

I know I have been posting a lot of flower photos, but I just came  across these awesome photos and edited them!  Photos available at

IMG_9843 copyIMG_9841 copyIMG_9839 copyIMG_9838 copy

Photos of the Weekend

Mostly flower photos, but they make a nice mixture of color and detail to images.  These photos are available at


IMG_1025 copyIMG_1027 copyIMG_1032 copyIMG_1014 copyIMG_1006 copyIMG_9941 copyIMG_1017 copyIMG_9975 copyIMG_9595 copy

Photo Challenge: Week 5

Today is Father’s Day!  Your dad needs two photos.  Choose two of your favorite photos your dad would love and leave your comments in the comment section.  These photos are available at  Have a good everyone!

IMG_9587 copyIMG_9588 copyIMG_9596 copyIMG_9804 copyIMG_9924 copyIMG_1011 copyIMG_9975 copyIMG_1006 copyIMG_1022 copyIMG_1032 copy

Look Who Flew Back Here!

The American Robin is back ladies and gentlemen.  It shows its beautiful orange belly and it goes out hunting for earthworms.  Photos are now available for purchase at  You can also purchase my first photo book at  Enjoy!


IMG_9587 copyIMG_9579 copyIMG_9575 copy

Photos of the Weekend

Enjoy these good looking photos of the weekend.  The first photo especially that is the edible wild plant wood sorrel, which has a tasty lemony side.  These photos are available for purchase at  Enjoy!

IMG_0398 copyIMG_0402 copyIMG_0406 copyIMG_0280 copyIMG_0719 copyIMG_0440 copyIMG_0250 copyIMG_0804 copy

Photo Challenge Week 4!

Nature is put together like LEGO blocks.  By taking good photographs of nature, people can be more conscious about the environment.  Choose the best weapon photograph to show the world what you are made of.  Leave them in the fomment section below.  You can also purchase these flowers at  You can also purchase my first photo book at for $6.98 in PDF format.  Enjoy!

IMG_0152 copyIMG_0424 copyIMG_0431 copyIMG_0402 copyIMG_0404 copyIMG_0398 copyIMG_0255 copyIMG_0406 copyIMG_0163 copyIMG_0434 copyIMG_0445 copyIMG_0964 copyIMG_0802 copy

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