More Wild Edibles!

In the first two photos, Greenbrier is present with the blue looking berries.  The berries taste horrible with the few seeds that are present in them.  However, the leaves are excellent if cooked with a combination of other vegetables, whether spicy or sweet.  I have mixed the young leaves of greenbrier with pictures of the delicious wild edible garlic mustard.  Fantastic in sandwiches especially!    You can find these photos for purchase at  Enjoy!


IMG_9975 copyIMG_9943 copyIMG_9941 copyIMG_9934 copy

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  1. v4vikey
    Jun 15, 2016 @ 08:22:27

    Good one……

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  2. levishedated (Robert C Day)
    Jun 15, 2016 @ 21:37:45

    Okay, I’ve read two posts now and they are basically photographs (albeit beautiful ones) and a bit of description, then an offer to sell those photos to me.
    I find myself wondering about the reason for this site and why started to follow my (largely text based) blog. Our styles do not seem to be related at all? Have you read any of my work at all?
    Heading over to your ‘About’ now to see if I can get more information.

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