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So over the last few months, I have been going on foraging tours with an individual named Wildman Steve Brill.  He has been extensively touring in the NE for over 30 years.  As a individual who goes out of his own way eating little known wild edibles to the general public, he seeks to educate people on the many plants that mother nature provides for us.  This plant is called Garlic Mustard, a plant that can grow to a huge size to notch up cooking a bit more with a mixture of horseradish and garlic flavor.  It is grown all over in the woods near where I live and especially Central Park.  You can also make a tea out of it, however it is not recommended, according to Brill.  The reason is because the nutritional content will get destroyed during the cooking process.  Garlic Mustard is an excellent usage in salads and sandwiches, especially ones that require healthy fish such as herring or sardines.  If anyone is interested in going on one of Brill’s tours, visit his website for information on tours.  You can also purchase this photo from my website


IMG_8705 copy.jpg

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  1. sheldonk2014
    Apr 19, 2016 @ 22:09:26

    Thank you
    See you on the other side of creativity
    The Professional Cannon



  2. Lady Ella-Rebecka Marlen-Summers
    Apr 20, 2016 @ 07:39:39

    I love the clarity ( and probably the Pink colour) of this site! And the content looks to be interesting reading. I will settle in my chair later on to have a good look round here.



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