Lovely Flowers Around My House

IMG_8099 copy IMG_8084 copy

Pick one of these flowers up for a loved one or a friend. Give it to them as a token of kindness.  Two thumbs up!

Indeed a Meal is Prepared For This Robin.


I think this robin is quite happy with his/her meal. Agree or disagree?  Like and comment!

Plane on the Leaf

IMG_6233 copy

Probably one of the most fascinating insects in the world is the crane fly.  Also known as the Daddy Long Legs, it is not a spider nor  a harvestman.  It is part of the fly family because it resembles that of a mosquito and it has six legs, therefore it is classified as an insect.  Although not a mosquito as well, these guys are completely harmless.

Street Cleaner of the Garbage World

IMG_7970 copy

By the power of getting close to a creepy fly insect with an appearance of two large red eyes,  I was lucky enough to get an up-close shot of the fly.  Despite me hating flies like many people do, they serve a purpose of cleaning up after human and other animal waste.  In other words, they act like street cleaners much like dung beetles.  This was taken by the lake.  Like and comment below!  Have a good day everyone.

Unedited Version of Red Flower From a Couple of Days Back


Notice how this flower appears to be nice, but all these white spots can make you go nuts.  Previously in a blog post, I said that flower photography is much easier to handle than is bird photography, which is where I stand still.  However, post production of a photographic flower can take a while to make perfect.  After all, many things that drive photographers nuts are unattractive spots and lots of noise.  To take out most of the white spots using Photoshop took about anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  However, it will be rewarding when you complete the task and feel that you created a masterpiece.

A Couple of Photos of Flowers to Tack Your Eyes On

IMG_8001 copy      IMG_8050-Edit

IMG_8089 copy

One of the reasons that I love taking photos of flowers is because they are easy to photograph.  Unlike bird photography that require not only quick thinking and movement, flower photography requires the right lighting and time of day to take elegant photos of flowers.  The best part is you can take a solid hour of strictly flower photography to come out with jaw dropping results assuming you know the basics of photography during the pre/post production process.  Plus at least you can make the flower stand still, whereas the bird might be on the quick move to fly somewhere else.  Flowers can also give off a story to the observer.  Feel free to like and leave comments below!

The Red Spider Lilly

Interesting flower of Thomas Vasas Photography. Thank for showing a well designed photo of nature. Hope to hear from you soon. Steve.

Thomas Vasas Photography

Columbus, Georgia Columbus, Georgia

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Hangout On the Rock, Enjoy the Photograph Ducky


Welcome friend to the blog of Steven.  Now that I have this photo, I have proven to showcase a beautiful duck on the rock by where I live.  The crystal blue water is what makes this photograph standout with the duck.  Previously, there were some spots that were removed to make this photo look more professional.  Please like and comment on my photo!   More of these photos will be out in the coming days.  Watch out for them!

Amazing What is in the Maze of Skyscrapers

IMG_1575 copy

One of the most rewarding things about being in NYC is being able to find the strangest people.  Despite not remembering what this guy was dressed up for specifically,  I can tell you that my sense just kicked in to just photograph that.  I was fortunate enough to get a decent shot of the guy in the white shirt looking up at something, the question being what is he exactly looking at may never be known.

The Little Bird Says Chirp

IMG_7177 copy

This little guy was found by the school I live by.  Enjoy!

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